Private Language

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Artist book by Malin Gabriella Nordin.

Photographs by Emilia Bergmark Jiménez

Essay by Jan Verwoert

Designed by Museum Studio.

First edition of 1000 copies

165×240 mm, 112 pages

full color offset, hardcover









I invited eleven children between the ages of three and five to interpret my collection of
sculptures. I met with each child individually for an hour to discuss the collection: what
they thought the sculptures looked like, if there was a story connected to them, which one
they liked the most, etc. I asked each child if they felt the collection was missing something,
and if so could they draw the missing piece. I asked them if the sculptures were placed in
the right order or if they wanted to rearrange them, which every child except for one did.
Even the children who didn’t have anything to say about my sculptures were so certain
when they started to move them around. There was no hesitation – they knew exactly how
and where they were supposed to go. Before any judgment on the beautiful or the ugly, before
any acceptance or refusal (official or private), they provided a testimony of a certain way of
being in the world, experiencing the world. In this world objects have souls, they have
personalities, they even look like “the little man” and they do interact with each other.